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HSS Titanium Lame de scie longue MZT 119

Ordre: MZT119
HSS Titanium Lame de scie longue MZT 119
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Informations Générales

.HSS titanium saw blade MBT 119

The HSS Titanium saw blade has a longer tool life and saws at higher speed when used on the right materials. If the saw blade hits a hard material such as stone, the teeth will not immediately be worn out. (Not suitable to saw through stone). With the titanium coating you can easily saw through steel, copper, aluminium, wood, plastic and polyester. 

A true all-round saw blade that can withstand some rough treatment! 

Suitable for the following multi-tool brands:

AEG 12volt Li-ion BWS (with Adapter MZ391),
AEG omnl18co (with Adapter MZ391),
Fein Supercut FSC 2,0 400 watt
Fein Supercut FSC 2,0 q basic
Fein Supercut FSC q snelspan systeem accu li-ion
Fein Supercut AFSC 18v accu basic
Renovator (with Adapter MZ391),
Renovator de luxe kit (with Adapter MZ391),
Parkside A1 (with Adapter MZ391),
Ryobi (with Adapter MZ391),
Worx WX 671 Sonicrafter (with Adapter MZ391),
Worx 12v Cordless Lithium Sonicrafter WU675 9 (with Adapter MZ391),

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